SIKA sustains drive for "service-oriented leadership" thru 4th anniversary

Apr 17, 2018 ...

The Sirib Ilokano Kabataan Association (SIKA), the largest youth volunteer organization in Ilocos Norte, will commemorate their fourth anniversary this April 21, 2018, with the theme: "Para sa Diyos, Bayan, at Kapwa – Kumilos, Bes!"

Incumbent President James Ceasar Ventura explained that the theme reaffirms "the continuing call to action of SIKA for the Ilocano youth to get involved – not for our own self-interest, but for the interests of God, nation, and fellow men. Service-oriented leadership is our advocacy."

The celebration will begin with the Martsa ng Kabataan starting in Vintar Road, Laoag City, at 8:00a.m. on April 21.

"It's a positive rally," said Ventura. "It does not blame the government, nor anyone, but calls for greater accountability to serve the young people. We will be rallying about issues that cut across the youth sector."

After the parade, the celebration will move to the Marcos Memorial Stadium, also in Laoag City, for the commemorative ceremony, singing of anthems, sharing of experiences, and the Pagwadan ti Agtutubo awards program, which will recognize those with exemplary performance in academics, community involvement, and leadership.

SIKA was established on April 26, 2014, but the main celebration has been set for this Saturday to allow as many members as possible to participate.

The actual founding anniversary on April 26, 2018, will be marked by a bloodletting activity in partnership with the Ilocos Norte Youth Development Office (INYDO).

The organization found this a simple yet meaningful way to highlight servant leadership. "Maraming nangangailangan ng dugo, and we have so many volunteers," said Ventura.


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