Student boardinghouse, dorm operators reminded of regulatory ordinance

Jul 24, 2018 ...

Senior Provincial Board Member Matthew Marcos Manotoc on Wednesday reminded the public of Provincial Ordinance No. 017-2017, which regulates the operation of boardinghouses or dormitories in Ilocos Norte, with corresponding penalties for violations.

"May mga nagsabi kasi na some of the dorms are unsafe, so in-offer namin 'to. The ordinance ensures na yung mga dorm ay safe and livable. There's a standard," said Manotoc.

Among the prescriptions under the ordinance are reinforcement of a curfew; "no smoking," "no drinking," and "no gambling," rules; and the provision of a receiving or working area, especially for visiting schoolmates of the opposite sex.

"It's for the mental and physical well-being of our students," he emphasized, "kasi ang dorm, parang second home 'yan."

Aside from the said regulations, Ordinance 017-2017 requires dormitory operators to secure the proper permits and licenses, as well as ensure that their facilities conform to the National Building Code, Fire Code, and Electrical Code.

A Boarding House Regulatory Board (BHRB), under the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), is also to review and ensure that rental rates and other boarding fees are justifiable and correspond to the quality of the rented space and amenities provided.

It was approved by Governor Imee R. Marcos last January 26, 2017.


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